St. Peter at Pentecost.

22 Nov


When the Roll is Called…

5 Mar

My good friends in the band Young Feathers just released a new song called ‘End of Times’. I was pretty thrilled to get the opportunity to do the artwork to coincide with the song as Jared and Michelle are two people who have had quite the artistic influence on me.  I have been privileged to witness firsthand their passion for social justice and awareness (as seen through their work in the Beansprout Collective amongst other things) and fusing that passion into various artistic endeavours. Their passion, their openess and love of others, their creativity,  their willingness to look at issues through different eyes and their friendship have all had a great deal of influence on me. So thanks guys.

I really suggest you follow the link up top and shell out a few bucks to help support these people so they can make some more great music. (And while you’re at it, check out Jared’s old band, Barn Owl).

An Update, New Work and Affordable Framing

28 Feb

My Offering
Ink on Paper

I have a few shows coming up! This weekend My Offering will be in a group show at Redeemer University and this coming April a group of my friends and I will be having a show in Hotel Hamilton (details to follow).

So with these shows coming up and with having to prepare some drawings for last weekend’s True City Conference, I am stuck with the dilemma of how to present my work. Now that I am not burdened with Redeemer tuitions I have some free funds to put some money towards mounting some of my work.

I have found Ikea frames to be affordable and decent enough quality. Their acid free matt, although a bit odd in size,  works well the only thing that needs replacing is the particle board backing. This can be replaced with acid free foam core board. In total, this framing option cost me only about $30.

Other drawings I have just cut matts and mounted it all on foam core. This option is a little more work intensive (and you need the use of a matt cutter) and it is not behind glass but it only costs about $15 per drawing.

Both add a professional quality to your work as well as a bit of curbside appeal.

Momento Mori
Ink on Paper

Fruit of Our Labour (F.o.O.L)
Ink on Paper

O Absolom my son! My son, my son Absolom!

14 Jun

I’ve been struck by the David and Absolom narrative. King David’s guilt in Uriah’s death had not only immediate consequences in the death of his child born by Bathsheba, but also had reverberations throughout his entire family.

Shows, Shows, Shows.

6 Apr

When it rains it pours.

As it turns out, I am showing not only on Saturday at Redeemer, but IMAGO is making some inroads to Hamilton and having a show  at the Friendship Gallery for the James St. North Art Crawl.  I am displaying my Apathy///Epiphany series, but there will be a whole lot of great stuff from a bunch of classmates of mine, my friend Kira Lodder, plus a number of other talented artists that I’m not even sure of.  Moreover you’ll be seranaded by  Bruekke. Whats not to love?

You should check it out.

Finally, to wet your appetite for Saturday–

3 Apr

I recently purchased ”Leavings: Poems’ by the author/poet/activist Wendell Berry. The first poem in the book is a little one entitled, “Like Snow” which I find incredibly fitting considering the April snow that has decided to fall this evening and the busy week that is currently staring me down and threatens to beat me  till I am a quivering mass of Micron, Copic and Gold pens.

Nevertheless, the words of Mr. Berry–

Like the Snow

Suppose we did our work
Like the snow, quietly, quitely,
Leaving nothing out.


Berry, Wendell. Leavings: Poems. Berkeley, CA: Counterpoint, 2010. Print.

April 9-May 5 2011

29 Mar

My Next 2 Weeks…

28 Mar

Will be consumed entirely with this.

April 9 comes much too fast.


happening right now…

22 Mar

This is lovely

22 Mar